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FF: Taking The Next Step (1/?) - Serena Southerlyn Femslash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash

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FF: Taking The Next Step (1/?) [Aug. 17th, 2007|10:56 am]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash


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So this is my sequel to First Impressions; it takes place 5 years after the other fic and there've been some changes (shocking!!) Serena and Alex are still together, but Serena now works in SVU with Casey Novak.  Alex and Serena hooked up C/O and Casey's pregnant.  Liv is very nervous and overprotective of Casey and their baby.  While it helps to read First Impressions, you don't have to because this story stands alone.  (I recommend reading it though)

Minor A/N:  Many thanks to darholland for reviewing loving and inspiring my stories!!

Read, Enjoy, Respond!!

Title: Taking The Next Step
Rating: M to play it safe
Pairing: OFC/Serena, C/O
Disclaimer: Only own Alex :(
Feedback: PLEASE!!

Chapter 1
            *BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!* Liv reached over and hit the snooze button, stretching slightly before pulling herself back underneath the comforter, spooning Casey from behind. “Time to get up,” Casey muttered, wiggling closer to Olivia, “Do you want to let me up?”
            “Casey, honey, you are on bed rest. No getting up and going to work,” Liv shook her head, “Do you want to endanger the baby?”
            “But Liv, the Merkerson case! I need to be there!”
            “No you don’t baby. Trust Serena to do her job. She’s good at what she does, that’s why she’s working with you.” Liv was getting tired of Casey’s desire to work, as understandable as it was; if Liv was in Casey’s shoes, there was no way in hell that Casey could have prevented Liv from heading to work.
            “All right, but I am going to call her,” Casey refused to just give up, even though she knew that Liv was just enforcing what the doctor had told them.
            “No, you’re not. If you call her then I cannot guarantee your safety from Serena going after you for stepping on her toes. You know that Alex was stabbed during the arrest, do you honestly think Serena is going to let that go?”
            “No, she won’t. In fact, she’d probably push for the needle if she could. I just…”
            “…Just need to be in control 24/7? Relax and make sure our baby is doing all right. That is something you can control. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go shower and get ready for work.”
            “You know Serena, prepping me while we are in bed is really not necessary. You could wait until we were in the office or in the car on the way to the office at the very least.” Alex tried hard not to laugh at her lover’s need to go run through everything about the case again.
            “I know, it’s just that I want to nail this guy so bad for what he did to you,” Serena said, tracing her finger over the scar on Alex’s abdomen.
“Serena, baby, everything will be fine. There’s no jury in the world that wouldn’t convict him for raping those children or for assaulting me with the knife when we went to question him.” Alex loved Serena deeply, but couldn’t believe how nervous and passionate Serena was about nailing the bastard for what he did to her and the children. “Come on, let’s go take a shower and relax you a bit,” Alex pulled Serena from the bed, “It’ll be fine, baby, seriously. You are an amazing woman, fabulous lover and a brilliant ADA. You’ll be great.”
“You only say that ‘cause you love me,” Serena said, teasing Alex now, “that and you want in my pants.”
“That would only work if you had pants on, hon,” Alex teased, “besides, I’ve already been in your pants; hell, I’ve been in more than your pants.”
“You are showering alone, if you keep it up.”
“Yeah, right.”
At the precinct that morning, Alex smiled at Liv as she walked in. “How’s it going with Casey and the baby?”
“She’s cranky, irritable, needy, impatient, and really hates the whole bed rest thing. Oh, and she’s insatiable in bed.”
“OK, I love both of you, but I did not need to know that. Seriously,” Alex grimaced and then turned back to her paperwork. “I have to go to court today for the Merkerson case.”
“Yeah, Casey wouldn’t shut up about needing to be there. She has faith in Serena; don’t get me wrong, it’s just that Casey wanted to run this one.”
“That’s completely understandable, but she would’ve had a hard time taking it from Serena. Well, I’m off to court. See you later.”
At the courthouse, Serena glanced at the jury before beginning her questioning of Alex, “Detective, please state your name and occupation for the record.”
“Detective Alex Trent, Special Victims Unit 16th precinct of the New York Police Department.”
“Detective, you caught this case on February 14th, correct?”
“Yes that’s correct Counselor. My partner, Detective Gardner, and I were assigned the case and went straight to the scene.”
“Please explain what you saw that day.”
“Well, we caught the case at around 2:00 in the afternoon that day. Ed, sorry, Detective Gardner headed to the victim’s home while I headed to the hospital to interview the victim.
“The victim refused to talk about what had happened, so I explained to her that she had done nothing wrong and that this was not her fault. I talked to her about how she needed to tell me what happened so that no one else would get hurt. After about an hour of getting to know her, she finally opened up to me about what had happened but refused to talk about who had done it. At that point I knew that whoever did it she knew by name, and we also knew that it was a male assailant due to DNA found inside of the victim.
“We ran the DNA through the system and did not find a match to a suspect but we did find a match to other cases involving sexual assault. The victims were all female and all were under the age of 13; they also all lived in the same neighborhood. The oldest in that group was 12; the youngest was 5 years old.” Alex paused, looking at the jury, “The aggressiveness of each attack was different, some of the attacks, especially the older girls, were more violent because they fought back, the younger ones were more submissive and easily overpowered.”
“How old was this particular victim, Detective?”
“She was 6 years old.”
“What can you tell us about your investigation?” Serena enjoyed being in the courtroom, asking questions, especially when Alex was on the stand. Not because she and Alex were lovers, but because Alex was succinct when describing the events as they happened and very knowledgeable when it came to children’s cases.
“We began to interview all of the men in the neighborhood. When we knocked on Mr. Roy Olin’s door, he opened the door and we presented ourselves as detectives with the NYPD Special Victims Unit, he then turned and ran into the apartment.”
            “Did you enter?”
“Yes we did. As we entered, my partner moved in one direction and I in another. I saw him and called out to him, that’s when he rushed me and attacked me with the knife. He stabbed me in the abdomen and that’s when I subdued him.
“I received medical attention and he was arrested immediately. We took him back to the station and matched the DNA we recovered from a wound he had sustained during the scuffle with the DNA in the young girls.” Alex took a deep breath, “I had to have 5 stitches and was off of work for two weeks.”
“Thank you detective. Nothing further, your honor.” With that, Serena turned and sat back down at the prosecution’s table. This case was open and shut; they had the DNA, they had exigent circumstances for entering the house, and more importantly, they had the stabbing of a police detective.
“Detective, do you mean to tell me that you entered Mr. Olin’s house without a warrant?”
“We had exigent circumstances Counselor. We had no idea if he was going back into the house to get a weapon to attack us or if there was a bomb, or worse a victim.” Alex had been through this countless times, she wasn’t tripped up easily.
“Looking at photos taken at the time of his arrest, he has quite a number of bruises. How exactly did he come to have bruises all over his face and torso as well as an injury to the groin?”
“Your client came at me with a knife, counselor,” Alex’s voice dripped with sarcasm that only Serena, trained to recognize her lover’s nuances picked up on, “I was stabbed in the abdomen, so I proceeded to subdue him with sufficient force. He’s lucky my partner didn’t shoot him when he stabbed me.”
Feeling his case going nowhere fast; the defense attorney decided to take a new tact, “Is it possible that your relationship with ADA Southerlyn had anything to do with the immediate arrest of Mr. Olin?”
“Objection!” Serena stood up, “Your honor, opposing counsel is fishing for things irrelevant to the investigation and arrest.”
“Sustained. Watch it counselor.”
“Sorry, your honor. Detective Trent, could your abuse as a child have caused you to make a pre-emptive arrest?
            “Objection!” Serena glared at the defense attorney’s back, “This line of questioning is completely irrelevant and unnecessary. The arrest was not pre-emptive, the defendant attacked an NYPD detective, he was arrested for his assault of Detective Trent, not for child molestation.”
“Sustained. Move it along counselor, or end your questioning now.”
“Well then, nothing further your honor.”
“Redirect Counselor?”
“Thank you, your honor. Detective Trent, how long have you been an SVU detective?”
“Let’s see,” Alex began to trace back in her head, “six years next week.”
“Why did you join SVU?”
“I joined SVU because as a child my father sexually assaulted me from the time I was 3 until the time I was 10. I wanted to protect children and people in abusive relationships, but particularly I joined to protect the children.”
“What happened when you were 10? After all, rapists and child molesters don’t just stop for no reason.” Serena watched Alex’s face for any signs of trouble. If Serena had to stop this line of questioning because of Alex’s emotional state and mental health, then that was fine with her. But she knew that she had to push because the defense had brought it up.
“I killed my father when he tried to assault my sister. She screamed out for him to stop, to not touch her, but he wouldn’t listen. I stabbed him with a kitchen knife, then took my sister and hid in the closet.”
“Where was your mother?”
            “She died when she gave birth to my sister; complications with the birth.”
“I see, now defense counsel brought up our relationship, would you care to expand upon it?” Serena turned to look at the defense as she asked Alex to divulge their private life.
“Well, we went out for a period of time, and then broke up for about 3 years, after which time we got back together.”
“Would you arrest someone just to please me?”
“No way. My job is to put away the criminals not arrest the wrong people, then the criminals would still be out sexually assaulting people.”
“Thank you, Detective. Nothing further, your honor.”
“You may step down Detective; court will now be in recess until 11:00 am.”
Outside the court, Serena smiled at Alex, “So you wouldn’t arrest someone just to please me?”
“I love you Serena, but you aren’t worth losing my job due to falsifying evidence.” Alex grinned at Serena, “I think everything went well though. What do you think?”
“I think we’re doing fine. We’ve got the evidence and the arrest issue on our side; they have nothing.”
“Wanna grab some coffee? I’m not due back at work until 12, so I’ve got plenty of time.”
“I would love to have coffee with you, Detective.”
“Well then, Counselor, where to?”

[User Picture]From: darholland
2007-08-30 01:05 am (UTC)
i kave to say that at first wehn i saw the secondary pairing as O/C i wasn't going to read it, but i do like a good southerlyn fic and you are my favorite author that deals with southerlyn so i decide to over look my dislike for casey and rad the fic i have to say though , great job. i'm loving the way you tied thier private life with a case. genius
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