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FF: First Impressions (11-12/12) - Serena Southerlyn Femslash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash

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FF: First Impressions (11-12/12) [Aug. 16th, 2007|12:59 pm]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash


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Here comes the end, try not to cry XD  The sequel will be up shortly, I promise.  Please read, enjoy, respond.

Thanks for reading ladies, and for commenting.  I really appreciate comments.

Title: First Impressions
Rating: Varies, M chaps labelled
Pairing: Serena/OFC
Diclaimer: I don't own them.
Feeback: of course!

Chapter 11
That night the couple did not have sex, rather Serena wrapped herself up in Alex as though she was afraid Alex would disappear when she fell asleep. It was 3 am when Alex’s cell phone rang, “Det. Trent? This is Kristin Lansbury, the owner of Clit Club.”
Alex rubbed her eyes, willing herself to wake up, “I remember you. Is there something wrong?”
“That woman you asked about, she’s here. One of my bartenders saw her walk in just a minute ago. You said to call if she came in again, and she is! Can you come down here?”
“Yeah, I’ll be there ASAP. Don’t let her leave but don’t do anything to tip her off.” Alex disentangled herself from Serena’s grasp as she got out of bed and dressed, mindful to grab her gun and badge in the process.
Serena awoke alone, but based on the noises in the room, Alex was still there, “Baby? Is something wrong?”
“Our serial rapist just showed up at Clit Club, I’m heading over there now.”
“Give me 2 seconds and I’ll be ready.” Serena made to get up but Alex moved to her faster, “Alex, I’m going. She’s not interested in butch women, only in femmes; there’s no way in hell she’s going to come on to you. She’ll single me out in no time.”
“But…” Alex gave up any argument she had thought of, “fine, but you are carrying my back-up piece.”
“Fine I’ll carry your gun, now let me up so we can go.”
Within ten minutes they were dressed and ready to go. They were let in by the bouncer when Alex flashed her badge and headed straight to the bar. Serena made a point of appearing to flirt with other women, which caused Alex to get flustered until she remembered why they were there in the first place. Kristin pointed out the woman and Serena noticed immediately that she was dancing with another woman. She whispered to Alex that they would have to wait until the woman left. Alex nodded her agreement and Serena kissed Alex deeply, though careful to pay attention to where their perp was at the moment. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long as their perp started pulling her victim to the door. Serena pulled away from Alex and nodded her head towards the door, Alex nodded and the two headed out, but not before Alex called in that they were in pursuit of the suspect and for all of their back up to fall back and not engage the perp or her newest victim. 
Their perp turned and saw Alex and Serena walking behind her, hand in hand. She smirked, cops think they’re so clever putting a plant in there. They won’t know what hit them. She suddenly grabbed her victim’s hand and ran into the park, Alex suddenly sprinting to give catch her. Serena, not too far behind Alex, noticed that they were right near the river and worried their perp would throw the girl in then run away.
Fortunately for Alex, as the perp ran toward the river (Alex yelling “NYPD, Freeze!” the whole way) her victim tripped and fell to the ground Alex ran straight past her as she was slowly catching up to the perp. Serena stopped to grab the victim, “Are you alright?”
The young woman nodded, “Yes, that woman’s crazy she said she was going to kill me.”
Serena hugged her, “It’ll be alright, I’m an ADA. My name’s Serena.”
“I’m Lara. Your girlfriend’s fast.”
Serena smiled, “Yeah, when she needs to be.”
Up ahead Alex was gaining on the woman but couldn’t quite catch up, Shit I can’t keep running like this to catch her…With a sudden idea, Alex began to pick up speed before jumping and tackling the woman, sending her into the river with Alex.
Hearing the splash, Serena and Lara hurried over, Serena brandishing Alex’s handgun. “Alex? Honey? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine,” it sounded to Serena like the perp had just punched Alex before Alex hit her, “she’s a fighter, I think I knocked her out though.”
Ten minutes later their backup had pulled Alex and the perp out of the water and given Alex some warm clothes to change into. They drove back to the precinct where Alex and Serena sat in a room with their perp, Linda Evans.
“So, Linda, how’s the lip I busted?”
“Faring better than that eye I hit.”
“What, this? This is nothing, I’ve had worse. I’ve got a question for you though, Linda; we’ve searched your home, had victims identify you in a lineup, you’re never getting out of jail alive.”
“Yeah, so? What’s your point?”
“Why’d you do it?”
“I would think an intelligent detective like you could figure it out; those women, they are liars.”
Serena spoke up, “how are they liars?”
“They walk down the street and no one knows that they’re gay. They don’t have to be out to anyone because it isn’t obvious to people they are. They’re secret agents.”
“You’re quoting Melissa Etheridge, what’s your point?” Alex enjoyed watching Linda get irritated with her.
“These women don’t deal with being who they are at work or even home if they have to. Some of them have families at home that they just ignore to walk into a lesbian bar and pick up women.”
“Did your mother do that to you Linda?” Serena had thought it seemed a random question until she saw the look on Linda’s face, abject horror. “Did she walk outside of her marriage? She ignore you, or blatantly insult your father by having sex with a woman in their marital bed?”
Linda, who had been sitting across from Serena, stood up and slapped Alex hard across the face. Alex held the officers who had entered the room back with one hand as she rounded again on Linda, “Is that why you humiliate your victims? Because they aren’t victims, they are your mother. You defile and humiliate your mother time and time again, don’t you?”
Linda suddenly broke, “He wouldn’t believe me, I told him she was cheating on him with a woman and he just completely ignored me. He called me a liar; I knew she would have to pay for what she did. She didn’t. She moved to San Francisco with her girlfriend when my dad committed suicide. She stuck me with my dad’s parents because I hit her girlfriend. Her whore. I had to make her pay for what she did to my dad.”
“No,” Alex barely whispered the word, “you had to make her pay for what she did to you.”
Linda was arraigned and pled guilty to the charges against her to ensure that she wouldn’t get the death penalty. Serena and Alex had both been given ringing endorsements for their work on the case, but both felt odd about how everything had ended. “It’s kind of anti-climactic, isn’t it?” Serena asked Alex as they prepared for dinner with Alex’s mother, “I mean, the rapes she committed she managed to justify to herself, but her crimes were selfish.”
            “One thing you’ll learn Serena, all violent criminals are selfish: drug dealers, serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, and murderers. They don’t think of others just themselves.”
Chapter 12
Rating: M for sex
When Serena awoke she felt Alex’s arms around her, which comforted her immensely. She then snuggled closer up against Alex’s body, trying to keep the cold out and regaling in Alex’s warmth. She smiled with a realization; it was their one year anniversary. Alex moved; and Serena, looking down at her lover, bent down and lightly kissed her; Alex reacted immediately, moving her tongue over Serena’s lips until Serena opened them to give her entrance. After a very passionate kiss, Alex pulled away, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”
“Well, today is an important day, you know,” Serena smiled at Alex before kissing her again, “and we don’t have to work today either.”
“So if this is what I get for our first anniversary, I’m assuming next year will be even better, yeah?” Alex smiled as she rolled on top of Serena and slid her hand past the waistband of Serena’s panties, pulling them down and sliding a finger in-between her folds. “You’re wet, lover.”
“Only for you, my love, only for you,” Serena smiled as she pulled Alex’s tank top off and tossed it to the side. They made short work of what little clothing they had on as they began to kiss passionately, “Alex! Oh FUCK, baby don’t stop please don’t stop don’t….ALEX!” Serena called out Alex’s name as she climaxed, digging her fingernails into Alex’s back. When Serena had calmed down and released Alex, she noticed some blood on Alex’s back where she had dug her nails in, “Oh, baby, I hurt you…”
“No, it’s fine Serena. This kind of injury I enjoy,” Alex leaned down to kiss Serena again. “You are amazing, you do know that right?”
“Only because you always tell me after we make love, lover. Are you sure you’re OK?” Serena looked at Alex with concern and love in her eyes, “Alex?”
“Have you planned anything special for today?”
“No, I was going to; but I didn’t have time with the case. Why?”
“Well, I have a few ideas…”

[User Picture]From: darholland
2007-08-17 03:09 pm (UTC)
you wrote, i read,i loved!!!! this now my favorite fic as of today!!! i am sad that it is ending but it will be in my mind forever. great fic i cant' wait till you write another one.!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: katie_drake
2007-08-17 03:42 pm (UTC)
OMFG I love you!! I'm very appreciative of your critique, glad you loved it. There is a part 2 that takes place a few years after this one that I'll start posting. Thanks for reading and loving it!
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