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FF: Taking The Next Step (2-3/6) [Aug. 18th, 2007|01:25 pm]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash


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Wow I post alot here....which is good, I think.  This community seems to get sporadic posts and I like to post XD

So this fic is done and might need a part three, but I couldn't bring myself to continue it at tjhe moment.  If yall want a part three, then comment or email me or whatever to let me know that you do.  Otherwise I think I'll let it end in Chap 6.

Title: Taking the Next Step
Rating: varies M chaps labelled
Pairing: OFC/Serena, C/O (only a little)
Disclaimer: Same as always, I don't own them.

Chapter 2
            At 11:00, Serena was back in court talking to the rest of her witnesses, including forensics lab technicians and the victim’s parents. At noon they had an hour’s recess for lunch. By 4:00, she had rested for the prosecution.
            “Tomorrow at 9:00 we will resume.” With that, Judge Petrofsky dismissed the occupants of the court. Serena gathered up all of her things and headed out of the courtroom.
Once outside, Alex came up to her, “How about we go out for dinner tonight?”
“Sure, but I want to head home and change first.”
“That’s fine, I have to go do some stuff at the precinct anyway, so how about we meet at the restaurant?”
“Of course. I’ll see you at 6:00, baby. Love you.”
“Love you too; see you at 6:00.” With that, the two of them headed their separate ways.
When Alex left the courthouse, she didn’t head to the precinct. Instead, she went to Casey and Olivia’s apartment. “Casey? It’s me, Alex. Open up.”
Casey opened the door, “Hey Alex, come on in.”
“Did you get it?”
“Yes I got it, would you just come in already? It’s in the bedroom, I’ll go get it.” Casey walked into the bedroom, “You know, you have really good taste in jewelry. Maybe if Liv ever decides to propose you should take her ring shopping.”
“What makes you think we haven’t gone ring shopping?” Alex winked at Casey, “Thanks for picking it up for me, I didn’t have time today with the trial and everything.”
“It’s not a problem. How is the trial going?” Casey looked at Alex, not with jealousy for not being able to try the case, but with a general interest.
“It’s going OK; it’s a pretty open and shut case. Serena’s finished with the prosecution’s case, and tomorrow the defense begins.”
“Well, that’s good to hear. Tell Serena I wish her luck, and I want you to know how happy I am that you are finally proposing to her.”
“What do you mean ‘finally proposing’? Have you and Serena been talking?”
“Maybe a little bit. I might have made the comment that I was surprised that you hadn’t proposed yet. We talked a bit about how slow you are at figuring out that Serena is the only one for you…”
“Nice…Thanks a lot Casey. I appreciate you badmouthing me to my girlfriend. Real nice.”
“You know I meant it with love. Only love for you. Now go propose and make an honest woman out of Serena!”
“We’ll come by and see you after dinner; hopefully she’ll have a ring on her hand. Bye Casey.”
Chapter 3
Serena got to Marinella first. She went in and found that the table had already been prepared, the wine was in an ice bucket for them, the candles were lit and there was a rose on her plate with a note underneath it with her name on it. Serena opened the note,
You mean the world to me. I don’t know if you realize that I would do anything for you, but if you do then know that I mean that literally. In my life I have been disappointed, used and hurt by the people I love most, but in you my love has found a home, a safe haven, a soul mate. When I wake up in the morning next to you I think how lucky I am, and that if all I went through I had to go through in order to find you, then I am glad that I went through all I did. I’ve made mistakes in my life, but baby, you were never one of them. I love you with all my heart.
                                                Forever Yours,
Serena wiped a tear from her eye as she read the note Alex had written her. Serena knew all about Alex’s past, and knew that Alex brushed it off when speaking about it in court and with others; but Serena also knew that Alex had a front put up until she went home which is when she would let out her “weaker side” as she called it.
When Alex walked into Marinella with the ring in her pocket, she looked immediately for their table. When she found Serena she smiled seeing Serena read the note. When Serena had finished reading the note Alex spoke, “Hope I’m not too late.”
Serena turned and smiled when she saw Alex. She got up and kissed Alex lightly, saying, “You’re never too late for me, and you know that.” The two of them sat down, “So you went all out tonight for what reason?”
Alex smiled, “Why do I need a reason? Can’t I do something nice for the woman I love?”
“No you can’t. There has to be a reason.” Serena looked at Alex curiously, wondering what was going on.
“Well, I was going to wait until later, but…” Alex got down on one knee in front of Serena and, pulling the ring out of her pocket, asked, “Serena, will you marry me?”
“Alex….Yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” They kissed, and receiving lots of applause, Alex slipped the ring onto Serena’s finger. “Wow…You have good taste in jewelry baby,” Serena smiled at Alex.
“Mmmm, in women too,” Alex kissed Serena again, “though as far as asking you to marry me, my thought process was alot more eloquent than what I actually said.”
When Liv came home from work, she was not the happiest person in the world. Alex had told her how court was going so that she could relay the information to Casey, who Liv could only imagine was desperate to know what was happening.
“Liv? I’m in the bedroom baby,” Casey called out. Liv headed into their bedroom, and saw her gorgeous girlfriend lying on the bed, reading a book. Olivia sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed Casey’s forehead.
“How are you doing baby? Did you have a good day?”
“It was alright. Alex came by to tell me about the trial and pick up the ring,” Casey put her hand over her mouth as Olivia’s face went from smile to frown.
“Why was the ring here? She had you pick it up, didn’t she?” Olivia was pissed off; the fact that Alex had asked Casey to pick up the ring and Casey had been out in the city to get it (against the doctor’s orders), she didn’t know which frustrated her more. Casey sensed this, and decided to speak before Liv had a chance to blow up.
“Liv, sweetie, she tried to call you but couldn’t get through; Ed was on the scene and the rest of the guys were busy, so she called me. I went and picked it up and haven’t been out of the house since. Don’t be upset with Alex, I was her last resort.”
“But…she….are you sure? What about her mom?”
“Marisa got a job recently and wasn’t available. Alex couldn’t go get it because court took so long and then she went straight back to do paperwork and had to play messenger for Serena while preparing everything for tonight. She should be proposing right now, and then Alex said that they would come over after they got done with dinner.” Casey held Liv’s face with her hands, lightly caressing Liv’s cheeks with her thumbs; she then gave Liv a quick peck on the lips.
“Casey made me promise that we’d come by to see them, so if we don’t then I’m dead.” Alex wrapped her arms around Serena in the cab ride to Casey and Liv’s apartment. “I love you.”
“Mmmm, well, as much as I’d rather go home, I suppose we can go visit with them for a bit; but you better not expect to get out of bed tomorrow,” Serena nuzzled closer to Alex, nibbling lightly on Alex’s earlobe.
“Oh really?” Alex raised her eyebrow as she turned her head to look at Serena, who had her eyes closed at the moment.
At Casey and Olivia’s apartment, Alex paid the driver and got out then helped Serena from the cab, “Shall we head up?”
“Certainly,” Serena laid her head on Alex’s shoulder as they walked into the building. This time they took the elevator, which gave Serena a chance to tease Alex; once inside the elevator, Serena pushed Alex against the wall and began to kiss her passionately. Tongues began to duel and Alex’s hands slipped up Serena’s dress, when the elevator stopped and the door opened. They straightened themselves up a bit and stepped onto their friends’ floor.
Alex knocked on the door and a few seconds later, Liv opened it. “Casey! Alex and Serena are here! I want to see the ring Serena.”
“Did everyone know you were proposing?” Serena looked at Alex in wonder.
“Not everyone, but Liv knew because she helped me find the jewelry store, and Casey picked up the ring today while we were in court.” Alex smiled at Serena and kissed her, “the guys had no idea baby, I swear.”
“Serena! Congratulations!” Casey came out of the bedroom, and when she saw the shine on Serena’s left hand, she hurried over and hugged her friend, “I’m so happy for the two of you.”
Liv smiled, “Congratulations to the two of you; are you going to have a ceremony?”
“I don’t know; I think we’ll have to discuss that option,” Alex looked at Serena, and Serena nodded. After hugs and congratulations were finished with, the friends sat down and chatted casually, particularly Casey asking Alex about the jeweler she had gotten the ring from. “Are you trying to give Liv some hints Casey?” Alex smiled at the pair; then, looking at her watch she realized just how late it was. “Maybe we should go; we wouldn’t want to keep the two of you up past your bedtime.”
“Ha-ha very funny Alex. Only Liv has a bedtime,” Casey grinned at her lover, “isn’t that right sweetie?”
“Hey! I do not have a bedtime. I just go to sleep early sometimes…”
“Well, I think Serena had some plans to have her way with me, so maybe we had better go. Good night you guys.”
“Thanks for coming by, and congratulations!”
When Serena and Alex got back to their apartment, Alex forced Serena up against the door and kissed her forcibly, running her hands down Serena’s body. Alex quickly unzipped Serena’s dress and made short work of her underwear. “God, you’re so fucking sexy baby,” Alex kissed Serena again, Serena letting Alex have her way as she unzipped Alex’s pants and pulled her shirt free. Alex picked Serena up, never breaking contact between their lips as she carried her fiancé into their bedroom. Once inside, Alex lay Serena down on the bed before climbing on top of her; Serena chose that moment to fight for control and forced Alex onto her back. Serena straddled her as she removed Alex’s shirt, kissing her skin ever so softly as she did so. Serena pulled Alex’s pants off, as well as her underwear; then Alex regained control. Alex kissed Serena deeply and passionately, sliding her tongue into Serena’s mouth, probing for Serena’s tongue. Serena moaned as Alex caressed her body, running her hands up and down her body. Alex situated her body against Serena’s and began to thrust against her lover. Serena dug her fingernails into Alex’s back as she moved closer and closer to climaxing, and began to thrust against Alex as well; the two climaxed together, then Alex collapsed on top of Serena, both breathing heavily.