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FF: First Impressions (8-9/?) [Aug. 15th, 2007|12:15 am]
Serena Southerlyn Femslash


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So with the posting of these you all are caught up to where I am in writing them.  I am currently writing Chap. 10 and am planning on having them work through the case as they work out their relationship....Sigh, I love Serena-ships; she's so amazing.  Ok, back to Earth now; here's Chaps 8 and 9, both are M.  Also, this fic and my C/O, Serena/Alex Trent fics Fixation and Denial, The Ghosts That Haunt Us, and Moving On are all different works unless otherwise noted.  My OFC Alex Trent has undergone MANY changes, and I change her past to fit my story.  The only common threads are that she's always with Serena and she is always adopted.  Oh, and she's always served in the military.

Read, Enjoy, Respond!!

Title: First Impressions
Rating: Varies, M chaps labelled
Pairing: Serena/OFC
Disclaimer: Serena isn't mine, though I want her to be...
Feedback: ALWAYS!!

Chapter 8
Rating: M
Serena was shocked that Alex was gone when she got out of the shower and dressed. She noticed that the bed hadn’t been made, but when she went to make it she found a note on her pillow:
Sorry I left, but I have a few things to think on and you tend to distract me when we are together. Not that I mind usually, but during this case I need to have a clear mind so I can focus on finding our perp. Don’t think that this is a reflection on you, because I’ve got quite a few issues with relationships stemming from my childhood. I know that I tend to be a bit of a recluse and somewhat detached; that’s just how I am and if that is not what you want in a relationship, then things won’t work out between us. I took a cab, so could you please drive my car to work for me? I’ll be a few minutes late since I’ll take the subway to work so forgive me. 
Serena wasn’t sure what to think when she read the letter; part of her was upset with Alex for thinking she would walk away over something as minor as last night’s daze that Alex had been in. Then she was upset that Alex didn’t wait for her and was going to take the subway to work instead of asking Serena to meet her; Serena still angry and slightly hurt, decided to go over to Alex’s and hash this out. William was a little shocked to see Alex come down alone that morning, and even more shocked when she hailed a cab rather than take her keys. When Serena came down looking upset, William was worried that Alex had done something, but Serena assuaged his fears, “I’m fine William, honestly; she just feels the need to be the overprotective detective and I’m not in the mood for being protected from what she assumes I need protection from.” She took Alex’s keys and headed to Alex’s apartment.
            As Alex stood under the shower, the water beads pounding down her neck and back, she thought long and hard about the feelings she was experiencing with Serena: passion, lust, contentment, fear, and something she couldn’t quite place. Passion is practically palpable when we’re in the same room; the same can be said for lust. Contentment…I’ve never felt so peaceful with anyone before; fear…Fear of what? Commitment? Loss? Maybe…no, it couldn’t be…Am I in love with her? I can’t be…not really…I mean, Serena’s sweet and nice and everything, but…the jealousy I felt when other women were looking at her in the club… my possessiveness in the club when I saw them looking at her…how easy it is for me to open up to her, talk to her; I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone before. Finally stepping out of the shower, Alex dried off and dressed in a white button-down dress shirt and black dress slacks. She put some gel into her hair and styled it before going into the kitchen and grabbing some food. Then she heard a knock at her door and turned, curious as to whom exactly it could be.
            Serena had a look of determination that Alex thought looked deadly…wouldn’t want to piss her off right now, I’m fond of living…I think I’m in trouble, the last thought surprised her. She had never been afraid of a woman as she was now, staring at Serena who glared dangerously as she said, “Let me in?”
            “Uh…Sure, come on in. About this morning…” but Serena had put her hand over Alex’s mouth and backed her against the door.
“Trust me; you don’t want to speak to me right now. So you just listen to what I have to say and then we’ll see where that leaves us; first of all, you have no right to assume what I want out of a relationship. Second, you have no right to just walk out on me without saying goodbye; third I refuse to be tossed aside because of your own ‘issues’ with relationships and fourth,” Serena took a deep breath and looked at Alex eye-to-eye, “I love you and there is no way in hell that I am going to walk out on you.” She then leaned into Alex and kissed her, not hard and not passionate; but softly and with all the love she could muster, leaving Alex breathless. Serena then pulled away and walked to the window, not letting herself look at her. 
Alex stood against the door for a few moments, collecting herself. Then, deciding to throw caution to the wind she walked over to Serena, touching her shoulder gently. Serena turned, and instantly felt her heart swell as Alex kissed her; she moaned against Alex’s mouth and slid her hands down Alex’s front where she unbuttoned her pants and pulled Alex’s shirt free. Alex moaned at the skin to skin contact and pulled Serena into her bedroom.
Serena took no time in removing Alex’s clothes, and Alex made short work of Serena’s navy pantsuit. Serena guided the two of them to the bed as Alex’s hands roamed her body, cupping her breasts as she bent her mouth to lick and suck Serena’s nipple. Serena moaned at the feel of Alex’s tongue against her breast, “God Alex!” Serena pulled Alex’s mouth back up to hers as Alex began to thrust her body against Serena’s, giving them clit-to-clit contact. Serena thrust back against Alex, moaning as her mouth reclaimed Alex’s. Alex thrust against Serena as their tongues engaged in an intense battle and everything seemed to move in slow motion as the two burst through the dams of heaven and erupted in orgasmic release. After returning to Earth once again, Alex collapsed on top of Serena, who smiled as she felt Alex’s weight resting (momentarily only, of course) on top of her. When she ran her hands down Alex’s back she noticed blood; looking at Alex’s back she saw scratch marks where she had dug her nails into her lover’s flesh and broken through, “I scratched you! I’m sorry baby, you should have said something if I hurt you.”
Alex lifted herself up on her elbows, “I would have told you if you hurt me; seeing as how you didn’t you don’t have anything to worry about.”
“Serena, love, shhhh…how about you jump in the shower with me so we can get ready for work…again. You can take care of my ‘battle scars’ afterward.”
“Well, I’d hate to refuse you; did you just say ‘love’ in reference to me?”
            Alex only smiled as she pulled Serena from the bed and led her into the bathroom; this was going to be a very long morning.
Chapter 9
Rating: M
            After having sex again in the shower, the two finally dried off and redressed. Serena smiled as she watched Alex button up her shirt, “We’re going to be late at this rate.”
            “Who cares?” Alex smirked at Serena, “we are the only two working on a serial rapist case. They can’t fire us, especially with the new info we have. Are you ready to go interview the victims again?”
            “Yes, although I sometimes wish we didn’t have to put these poor women through this so much.”
            “Take it from someone who’s been in their shoes; they aren’t anywhere near being done telling people about what happened to them. Future relationships; family if they choose to; the officers, detectives, ADA’s, judges, juries: the list goes on.”
            “Still, the look on their faces…”
            “Eventually they’ll feel nothing but a pang of sadness at the memory.” Serena noticed Alex’s tone when she said this; it sounded almost sorrowful, no, regretful.
            “Is that all you feel now?”
            “I wish I could say it was, but those memories also remind me about what happened to my sister…” Alex blushed, realizing she had told Serena more than she should have.
            “Your sister? You never mentioned what happened to her other than that night you saved her.”
            “You mean the night I killed my father? Go ahead and say it Serena; I have no delusions about my childhood, I know I killed him. I know I wanted to kill him. He deserved it for what he did to me and Cindy.”
            “What happened to Cindy, Alex? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…”
            “No, I’ll tell you,” Alex finished getting dressed and clipped her gun and badge to her belt before grabbing her jacket as she and Serena headed out of the apartment.
            “Here are your keys; I assume you want to drive.” Alex nodded as she took the keys from Serena and Serena led them down to the car. It was snowing outside, which caused Alex to groan:  people were such idiots when driving in the snow.
            They were in the car and pulling out of the parking spot before Alex began to talk, “She was 15, I was 18; I was adopted by my mom but they couldn’t find a family for Cindy. Mom knew an ADA at work who helped me to file for custody of Cindy since I was her only surviving relative. The judge hadn’t ruled yet on the case, but everyone was certain he would say that she could live under my care; Mom was going to be a temporary guardian since I had signed up to serve in the Air Force. The night before the verdict Child Services called me. They told me my sister had killed herself. I requested an autopsy, and the M.E. told me that she was bulimic and had been sexually active; very active, she had Hep C. I was shocked; my mom looked after me and three months later I went to boot camp. I visited her grave when I got back and still go there when I get upset about a case or just need to be alone. ACS told me that she’d had problems for a long time and she refused help from them; she didn’t trust anyone after what our father almost did to her.”
            Serena placed her hand on Alex’s thigh and rubbed it gently as Alex finished telling the story, “I’m so sorry for all you’ve gone through baby; I wish I could help somehow.”
            “I know I might have danced around this earlier, but I love you Serena,” Serena smiled at Alex as she continued, “I called my Mom this morning before you came over; she wants to meet you.”
            “Really? What’d you tell her about me?”
            “That you were sexy, intelligent, have amazing legs and are an ADA. Oh, and that I’m in love with you,” Alex looked at Serena affectionately as she said it.
            “Well I would love to meet the woman who raised such a wonderful daughter,” Serena smiled, “maybe she can give me advice on how to handle you.”
            “I don’t think that is necessary…maybe you two shouldn’t meet if you’re only going to talk about me and the things I’ve done over the years,” Alex backtracked very quickly, “how about we head to work?”
            “I’ll let you off the hook for now, later is a different story,” Serena smiled as a flustered Alex turned into the precinct’s parking garage.

[User Picture]From: darholland
2007-08-16 03:16 am (UTC)
oooh la la, i can't wait till the next post.... meeting the rent? it gonna be interesting to say the least.... keep it up
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[User Picture]From: katie_drake
2007-08-16 04:51 am (UTC)
Won't be meeting the rent for a couple of chaps yet, cause I love shippy-goodness; but that interaction will be VERY interesting, I guarantee it. Now I sound like a car insurance commercial...awkward.

Thanks for the response!!
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